Day 6

Another early start (aren't they always on birding trips?) saw us heading up the mountainside to La Romera, just outside Medellin. It was still dark when our headlights picked up an Andean Motmot feeding on moths and other insects attracted to the street lights.

Parking up not far from the reserve entrance we tried unsuccesfully for Stile's Tapaculo - not even a peep to hint at the species presence. Emerald Toucanet provided some compensation before we picked up a party of Red-bellied Grackles - another Colombian endemic in the bag.

Heading back down the mountainside, we came to a sudden stop as an Acorn Woodpecker was noted on a roadside post. We all managed to get good looks of this mainly northern species before it flew off and we continued on our way. 

We then headed off for Jardin, stopping at a number of sites in the Cacau Valley to look for Apical Flycatcher. We drew a blank with the flycatcher but an Antioquia Wren eventually gave itself up.

We eventually arrived in Jardin mid afternoon and checked into the delightful Hotel del Casona. We took a walk around the town square before heading over to the Cock-of-the-Rock lek. There cannot be an easier place to watch Andean Cock-of-the Rock than at Jardin. Around a dozen of these large, bright orange (well, the males are), birds with a crest that covers the bill, were in the trees next to the viewing platform. And they performed brilliantly until the rain came in, though the dark sky made photography difficult as they kept to the shade. 

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