Day 9

Today's plan was to walk the higher trail looking for the reserves key species - the Golden-ringed Tanager. Several Pauraque were seen on the road up. On reaching the drop off point, we headed of on foot up a narrow trail. The first new bird was a party of White-headed Wrens, before a Golden-crested Quetzel was found.

Making our way up the narrow trail through the cloud forest new birds slowly came our way. A group of Olive Finches were found just of the path, but not all managed to get onto them before they dissapeared. A Narnio Tapaculo called close by and eventually provided excellent eye level view as it hopped around the understory, coming close enough that binoculars weren't required.

Reaching a slightly open area on the top of the ridge, we stopped for a coffee. A Golden-ringed Tanager was heard, and then flew across twice. The second time allowing us to get tickable, if unsatisfacory views. An Orange-breasted Fruiteater called nearby, but couldn't be coaxed into view, unlike a pair of Green and Black Fruiteaters that showed well.

Making our way down the opposite side of the ridge we came across a mixed tanager flock which had us looking each and everywhere. Eventually the flock produced great views of a Golden-ringed Tanager.

Heading back toward the start we found our first Purplish-mantled Tanagers. A Sloth was found and identified as a Lineaus Two-toed Sloth, a change from the Three-toed Sloths we'd seen up till then.

Having lunch back at the pickup truck, Martin spotted a Black Solitaire, but it flew off efore anyone else could get onto it. New hummers for the trip picked up during our lunch break were Booted Racket-tail and Purple-bibbed White-tip.

After lunch a walk down the road finally produced good views of Grey-breasted Wood Wren, after hearing them everywhere over the last few days.

A visit to the hummingbird feeders at the head of one of the trails added Violet-tailed Sylph, Fawn-breasted Brilliant, Empress Brilliant, and Velvet-purple Coronet.

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